Sunday, March 23, 2014

Shut Up, Koelzer Post 20

Once again, I have not done much this week BUT, I have a lot planned for next week and possibly coming close to completion on my project. For this week, I just practiced my guitar, drums, bass, mandolin, and drums; not working on anything specific. I went to my guitar lesson where we worked on some jazz melodies. Coming up I will be getting the cover for my album, my idea is to have my friend, Koelzer's, face with tape on his mouth, to keep true to the title. I'm going to be re-recording all of my songs and recording some new ones in an actual studio. And I will be keeping up on the usual work that I do every week. I've been thinking a lot about my speech, and what I've learned from this experience. Opening up opportunities for kids to work on what they enjoy is rare in our schools. We've all heard someone at school say, When are we ever going to use this, why do we spend so much time learning about pointless stuff, or simply, I hate school. Although I don't hate school, I do sometimes feel stressed with it, and being able to come home and say, my homework is making music I want, eased that feeling. Still trying how to make that into a week, I'll get it next week.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Shut Up, Koelzer Post 19

I wasn't able to do much this week due to several events. I had my Orchestra Concert on Saturday, my sisters cheer banquet on Sunday, and all the time in between with other work. I did get to play some of my guitar, and I did have the usual lesson on Tuesday but, besides that, nothing. I also have done some thinking about my speech; I want to connect it somehow with doing what you love, and having more time to do that in your everyday life, instead of being stressed all of the time. Besides that, I'll have more news next week, sorry for the extra small post this week.

Friday, February 28, 2014

What have I liked most/least about my project? What would I have changed? Post 18

This question was asked by our teacher and will be the topic of discussion today. First off, the bad, what have I liked least about my twenty time project, this answer was obvious right off the bat, recording and editing audio. I've mentioned this a bit in my other blogpost, but since I actually started doing it this week, I've found it to be more than a challenge. It would not be as much of an issue if it wasn't for me being by myself, having to record each instrument separately, put it all onto a laptop, and  splice it all together to make it sound like actual music. The process has been tedious, and has probably taught me the most, actually. Having to spend so much time fixing three minutes of music really puts a sense of reality on things. Am I really enjoying this? Can I actually make good music? Recording after recording, one after one not working until finally, all the puzzle pieces fit together to make a medley of magic. I can make this work, with the good and the bad, I can make something beautiful out of these pieces of wood and metal, which brings me to the good. Playing the guitar, just lounging around, practicing music I want to play, after a long day I school. There's nothing better than playing guitar for me, no tv or Internet will give me as much joy as that instrument does.
 As for what I would change, it has more to do with me than the project itself. I wouldn't have been so lazy from the start, just practicing guitar, nothing else. But I think I'm at a good place right now, I have a few recordings, drafts of original songs, I think everything's gonna work out.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Shut up, koelzer post 17

Having a whole week of break sounds nice, but when your'e stuck at home with almost nothing to do, it gets a bit boring. So I dedicated the majority of my break to 20 time. The first thing I did was just another Normal guitar lesson with my teacher, we talked a lot about music theory and worked on more improv. At home, I completely renovated my little pile of instruments into a makeshift studio, including a drum set, two guitars, dulcimer, mandolin, and ukulele. On another note, I began to increase my skill on the piano, playing a lot of random things like Bernie and the Jets by Elton John and some video game songs that I just enjoyed. I put together one of my covers on every instrument, Someday by The Strokes, but I still need to record it, so I'll most likely end up doing that this weekend. I also had a lot of learning I had to do for the drums, so I loaded up some YouTube tutorials and began that process. Of course I've also been considering how my speech is going to go and what it will be about, but I'm still not very far. I think if I learned anything from this project is that people need something to come home to, something to just pick up and have fun with to forget all of their stress and worries. How will I implement that into an 8 minute talk? Well, I'm going to work on that, but for now my main priority is recording all of these songs and getting them onto an album.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Shut Up, Koelzer Post 16

This week was BUSY...but sadly, not with 20-time things. With the weekend being filled with work and my birthday, I wasn't able to put much time into my project. I did go to my usual guitar class, we worked on improvism with pentatonic scales and I practiced my guitar here and there, but nothing serious. I didn't have my mandolin this week, it was at my father's house and I didn't go there this week. I started considering how I could implement a ukulele into my song, but I've been drawing blank. So, Overall, I've got nothing, I apologize for the boring news. Next week I'm hoping I can get more done.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Shut Up Koelzer Post 15

 I can't say that too much has happened this week. I did my usual practicing, playing several scales, melodies, chords, etc. with the guitar; a couple of bluegrass songs with my Mandolin; a little bit of violin. I was suppose to get all of the parts to my Drum Set this weekend, but sadly, they did not come in the mail. In my guitar classes I've been doing a lot of Gypsie Jazz stuff, mainly the things I mentioned before. As for recording these things, I'm kind of out of luck because I do not have a computer anymore, I'm actually writing this on my dad's laptop. Hm, maybe I will use this for recording the music, the issue with this is that it's really slow and my dad wouldn't want me to download all of the editing software, it's a hassle. I've been doing some writing of music as well, but once again, with out the drums and the ability to listen to it all together, I can't really say too much about it. I will say this, though; what I am working on is slow and includes piano, guitar, and violin. But, besides that, there's not much else to report on.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Shut Up Koelzer 14

Well, I did something recently that I am not proud of, something I thought I would never need or never do. Last Tuesday, I attended my first guitar lesson at the Grosse Pointe music academy.  I received a free start up lesson for Christmas and I've put it off until now. But finally, it happened; it was a small building off of Mack next to a papa Romanos, that was my first strike. I walked into the school and it was dimly lit with small children running around, strike two. That's when I met my teacher, a man named Levi. He was tall, thin, and slicked his hair back kind of like a greaser would do and had a beard that looked he just finished growing it fully. I talked to him about what I wanted to do and how I wanted to work on Gypsie Jazz and swing. He seemed so excited, showing me videos of Django Reinhardt playing and handed me book after book of music. He showed me something's I already knew, like muting and pulsing, but some of the minor and dominate sevenths I learned in his class were completely foreign to me, but I quickly picked them up. I later learned that he had played in several Gypsie Jazz groups and was pumped to teach me everything about it, but honestly I think he was just glad to not have a five year old who just started guitar, so I assume it's a nice change of pace.
Recently our teacher, Mr. Provenzano, asked us to think of what this project is really all about. At first when I heard this, I thought to myself, "ok, well, music is great and we should mix it up and come up with new ideas and yada yada yada", and that's all well and good, but I didn't see how it connected to specifically what I was doing. So I asked myself why I did this. I like playing guitar, and I like music, it's what I do to relax from work and stress. Then I thought about my schoolwork, my issues, and how thankful I was for having this instrument. If I didn't have my guitar, or my violin, or piano, I would go insane. Everyone deserves a little break and to do something they love. So to me, I do this because I believe that everyone should take a break, but what message can I sent out to the people willing to listen.....I'm not sure, but i'm getting there, I just need to put a bit more thought into it and i'll find it. In other news, I've been practicing a few pieces on a couple of my instruments and have started working on compilations. There's definitely more to come, so stay tuned.